Ecoross (ecoross1) wrote,

Вы не поверите, но Стюарт Слейд и это описывал:)

When Evans had met his ground crew, he'd learned that Maria Chermatova had been the grandmother of the armorer responsible for maintaining his cannon and loading the proper ordnance for the strikes. During the occupation of Nizhny Novgorod, the Germans had murdered the old woman and her entire family. His armorer was the only survivor; Evans didn't have any Russian relations so, when he had heard the story, he'd asked if he could name his aircraft for the old lady. The gesture had gone down well with the unit, it had marked the acceptance of the American Marine into the Russian Fighter Division. Ever since then, he'd fired his rockets and dropped his napalm “for Maria Chermatova”.

Вот за такие моменты я и люблю Слейда.
Tags: Авиация, Стюарт Слейд

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