Ecoross (ecoross1) wrote,

Любителем Warhammer: ''Extinction event''

''Let's hope it's something small and fluffy'' - James Lester said, sitting in the back of the sleek black SUV as it attempted to edge through the dense traffic. ''Something from a quieter moment in history. Something cute. Perhaps something furry with big eyes. Or something pretty and bird-like. I don't know, something - ''
''Vegetarian?'' Jenny suggested.

"I tried to warn you. You must be careful. Cautious. The word is cautious. Koshkin is a very ruthless man. He's a soldier. Uhm, Spetsnaz. Do you know that meaning?''

Наличествуют различные первобытные существа, "власти скрывают" и тонкий британский юмор (тм). "Если Кошкин не будет писать книги, тогда книги будут писать про Кошкина" :).
Tags: Динозавры, Литература, НФ

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