Ecoross (ecoross1) wrote,

Первые отзывы на полет известно чего.

Думаю, англознатцы получат удовольствие: T-50 vs F-22 victories : 1 to 100 or 1 to 1000? Why FAK PA s..cks compared to F-15C The Russkies stole it again Memoriiiiies.... Why Sukhoi is better than LM /.ru: PAK FA: a great hoax that doesn't work Cash-strapped Russia finally test its 5th generation fighter Cash-strapped Russia finally flies an outdated Raptor copy Should India continue to build the PAK FA in Russia or go on on its own? How China surpasses both the US and Russia (photoshop only thread) Why the PAK FA is not stealthy 3D and graphic designers badly needed! Why everything Russian s..cks, especially PAK FA Russia joins US and France in the 5th generation club PAK FA: another barbarious crime Why doesn't the US give us 1000 PAC-3 against PAK FA? They promised a Death Star and we got bantha dung

Источник, ссылка на оригинал внутри
Tags: юмор

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